How HotelTonight Finds the Best Hotels in the Moment

Learn how HotelTonight uses hosted Elasticsearch to mine millions of documents and analyze diverse data in milliseconds – from hotel inventory systems to data about a user’s desired trip (date, duration, location, price, brand, ratings, etc) – in order to help their users find a hotel at a moment’s notice.

Paul Sorensen

Paul Sorensen is a Platform Engineer at HotelTonight. We plucked him from Chicagoland, where he was building Rails web apps, digging deeper into Elasticsearch, and rooting hard for the Bears. He now keeps busy scaling HT’s infrastructure to support massive data demands, within a constantly changing real-time marketplace servicing millions of requests per day. You can find Paul taking his breaks at the ping-pong table, HT Bar, or playing soccer with the HotelTonight team.