Dude, Where Are My Messages? Message Analytics @ Netflix

Netflix messages millions of customers a day across many channels – email, push notifications, text, voice calls, etc – via its messaging platform: a distributed system made up of a series of separate applications. Learn how they use Elasticsearch for higher message deliverability and operational excellence.

Devika Chawla

Devika is an accomplished Engineering leader who has built scalable platforms and teams for Internet consumer facing products. Her career started at Inktomi where she built the first Web Search monetization product from ground up. At Yahoo, she led the Sponsored Search Serving platform that drove an annual revenue stream in excess of 1 Billion dollars, managing a diverse, geographically distributed team of Engineers and leaders. She is currently the Director of the Messaging Platform at Netflix that delivers messaging across all channels and devices to drive member engagement, retention and acquisition.

George Abraham

George Abraham has been a software engineer at Netflix since 2011. He designed and built a visibility component for Netflix's Messaging Platform using Elasticsearch. He holds a degree in Computer Science from the University Of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.