What's Next for Elasticsearch: 2.x and Beyond

Elasticsearch is growing up! In this talk, Clint and Simon will share coming improvements to resiliency, updates to our API and changes that will dramatically improve ease of use. Our first steps are some incremental changes under the hood, and you'll learn all about how these subtle improvements are paving the way for even bigger and better things in the 2.x branch.

Clinton Gormley

Clinton was the first user of Elasticsearch and wrote the Perl API back in 2010. He is a co-author of Elasticsearch: The Definitive Guide, and spends most of his time designing the user interface, specifying new features, and triaging GitHub issues. He studied medicine at UCT in Cape Town and now lives in Barcelona.

Simon Willnauer

Simon is an Apache Lucene core committer and Apache Software Foundation member. Involved with Lucene since 2006, he has contributed to several other open source projects within and outside the Apache Software Foundation. His main interests are performance optimizations and concurrency. Simon is also a co-founder of the Berlin Buzzwords conference.