Resiliency in Elasticsearch and Lucene

As Elasticsearch clusters grow larger, their resilience to hardware and network failure becomes increasingly important. At Elasticsearch, we invest a LOT in making both Elasticsearch and Apache Lucene both detect and cope with increasingly complex failures.

In this talk we will go through recent highlights and some of the future directions we plan to follow. We will touch all aspects of Elasticsearch, ranging from the lowest level of a single file, through network connection of a single node, and all the way up distributed failures on the cluster level. Even though the talk is about possible failures and various coping strategies, you will also learn about the inner workings of Elasticsearch - an interesting peek under the hood.

Boaz Leskes

Boaz is a core Elasticsearch developer. When not working on consensus algorithms, cluster state changes, data replication, and sequence numbers, you can find him at the ping pong table, playing office DJ, collaborating with colleagues on Zoom, or, if it's Friday, eating hummus.

Igor Motov

Igor Motov is a software developer on the Elasticsearch core team based out of the Boston area where he also serves as a co-organizer of the Boston Elasticsearch Meetup Group. Prior to joining Elastic, Igor worked on search solutions for companies ranging from small startups to large corporations.