Performance Monitoring with the ELK Stack: collectd

Logstash isn't just for logs! Did you know that Logstash can translate all kind of data into metrics you can use to monitor and track system performance?

One of these plugins allows Logstash to collect data from collectd. collectd is a metric collecting and delivery program with dozens of plugins which range from Apache to ZFS, databases, hardware performance metrics and so much more.

Learn how Logstash can help you start to keep track of your performance metric data!

Aaron Mildenstein

Aaron Mildenstein is a former SysAdmin who found his creative outlet writing code to help wring useful information from log files and performance metrics of all kinds. He discovered Logstash and Elasticsearch in 2011 and has never been the same since.

He started developing and extending Logstash for Elastic full-time in October 2013.

Brian Murphy

Brian joined Elastic in April 2014 with a focus on logging and time-series data. Before Elastic, he was the first hire at Splunk, Inc., where he built the first search engine for logging data and built SaaS solutions for log search and analysis. He lives in Florida with his wife and two dogs.