All About the Elasticsearch Python DSL

While the official Python client provides support for all the Elasticsearch APIs, its usability in your Python application is not always the best. Our Python DSL solves this problem by providing you with more natural ways to work with documents and queries in Elasticsearch. It aims to be a Pythonic way to construct queries, mappings and other important objects without sacrificing any of the power or flexibility of Elasticsearch. We've also architected it to avoid forcing users to learn the intricacies of yet another DSL, as the Python DSL maps very closely to the query DSL of Elasticsearch. In this talk, Honza will walk through the library from design philosophy and key concepts to concrete examples and plans for the future. You'll need to have some familiarity with Python to benefit from this session.

Honza Král

Honza is a Python programmer and Django core developer – since he is scared of the bright and shiny world of browsers, designers, and users he prefers to stay buried deep in the infrastructure code and just provides others with tools to do the actual site-building. Since 2008 Honza has been building content web sites for fun and profit. During this time he discovered Elasticsearch which lead to him joining the company behind it in 2013 to work on the Python drivers.