All About Aggregations

Aggregations are a powerful tool to gain insights into your data, but how do they actually work? In this talk, we will explore:

  • * how aggregations are executed 'under the hood'
  • * what users should be aware of when running aggregations
  • * the limitations of aggregations
  • * some ways to tweak their execution for both performance and accuracy

Attendees will leave this presentation with a rich understanding of how aggregations can make their lives better and their data even more useful.

Adrien Grand

Adrien Grand is a Lucene committer at The Apache Software Foundation and a software engineer at Elastic, where he works on improving Elasticsearch. He has worked with Apache Lucene since 2010 and became a committer in 2012. He joined Elastic in May 2013 and likes to work on search-related problems from his home in Caen, France. In his spare time, he enjoys horseback riding.

Colin Goodheart-Smithe

Colin is an Elasticsearch Engineer based in London. Prior to joining Elastic, Colin worked at BAE Systems Detica, where he spent 5 years using Lucene to build search analytics products which scale to billions of documents.