Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes

Elasticsearch & Kibana on Kubernetes

Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes simplifies setup, upgrades, snapshots, scaling, high availability, security, and more for running Elasticsearch and Kibana in Kubernetes.

Automate & Orchestrate

Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes

Built on the Kubernetes Operator pattern, our offering extends Kubernetes orchestration capabilities to support the setup and management of Elasticsearch and Kibana on Kubernetes.

As part of our commitment to cloud native technologies, we continue to bring our products to platforms like Kubernetes, the go-to open source choice for containerized architectures.

Deploy your way

Using hosted K8s? Managing your own K8s cluster?

Work where you're most comfortable. Deploy with vanilla Kubernetes or the distribution of your choice, including Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service, Google Kubernetes Engine, Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service, and Red Hat OpenShift.


The official way

The Elasticsearch Kubernetes Operator + much more

When it comes to deploying and managing Elasticsearch and Kibana on Kubernetes, we know you have a few options. As the creators of the Elastic Stack, we baked our exclusive features and pre-packaged solutions such as Elastic Observability right into Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes. (See the full feature list on our subscriptions page.)

  • Store local, search Global

    Deploy clusters in a single Kubernetes environment and connect them with clusters running in another. Use Cross Cluster search or Cross Cluster replication to streamline data movement and search operations.

  • Deploy fully-loaded clusters with all our free proprietary features — from Canvas to Maps — that are not available on any other Operators or Helm Charts.

  • Secure by default

    Autoconfigure features like native authentication, TLS encryption, and role-based access control (RBAC). Add SAML, OpenID, Kerberos,  and custom certificates to meet your authentication and authorization needs.
  • Open code & Elastic support

    Develop, contribute, test, and learn together. The ECK code is open. Plus, get support from the community and team behind Elasticsearch.

  • Backups & snapshots

    Schedule snapshots and send them to Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, and Azure Blog Storage.

  • Hot-warm-cold patterns

    Natively deploy common Elasticsearch architectures for logging, metrics, and other time-series use cases. Store 10x the data without adding costs using frozen indices.

  • Simple, fast updates

    Upgrade terabyte clusters in minutes with rolling upgrades and built-in StatefulSets.

  • Flexible configuration & plugins

    Add custom plugins, dictionaries, and bundles (as well as a custom configuration) to run it your way.

  • Enhance with machine learning & more

    Upgrade to an Enterprise subscription for access to premium features like machine learning, alerting, and advanced security features.

Deploy, monitor & more

The many flavors of Elasticsearch + Kubernetes

Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes is just one way that the Elastic Stack plays in the Kubernetes ecosystem. Deploy in minutes with the official Elasticsearch & Kibana Helm Charts, monitor your Kubernetes applications and infrastructure with Beats, or run on Docker with the official containers from Docker Hub.

Elastic Cloud Enterprise

Orchestration, sans Kubernetes

If you are not using Kubernetes or want a more production-grade orchestration experience tailor-made for Elasticsearch, consider Elastic Cloud Enterprise. It’s our battle-tested product — which also powers our Elasticsearch Service — for deploying and managing Elasticsearch at scale on physical hardware, virtual environments, private and public clouds, and more. Learn more and try it for free.

Animated gif

Deploying Elasticsearch on Kubernetes is just the beginning

Have network data? Infrastructure logs? Documents with tons of text? Want to run hot-warm architectures? Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes makes it easy to orchestrate it all, no matter your use case.

  • Search across documents, geo data, and more.

  • SIEM

    Interactive investigation at speed
    and scale.

  • Metrics

    Do the numbers: CPU, memory, and more.