Release Notes

New features

  • Added support for the Memcache protocol both binary and text versions over both TCP and UDP variants
  • Added support for DNS, only over UDP for now.
  • Added support for sniffing packets that have VLAN tags.
  • Added the option to specify network interfaces by a numeric index. This is especially useful on Windows where the network interfaces have long names.
  • Added the ‘-devices’ CLI flag for listing the available network interfaces and their indexes.
  • libpcap is now statically compiled, so it’s no longer a dependency.
  • Windows packages. For now Windows binaries are distributed as a ZIP file which contain Powershell scripts for installing/uninstalling the service.
  • Added support for running as a Windows service natively.
  • Added the option to log the Beats own debugging messages and errors to rotating files.
  • All the Beats are now statically compiled.


  • Fixed Mysql parsing error. #180
  • Fixed identifying write errors in MongoDB. #183
  • When save_topology was enabled, Packetbeat exited if Elasticsearch wasn’t available at start time. This is now changed and Packetbeat will retry saving the topology indefinitely until Elasticsearch is available. #187