Elasticsearch 0.90.13

Release Notes


  • Query API: Enforce query instance checking before it wrapping a query as a filter #5431
  • Discovery: Unicast discovery favours a ping response with master over a ping response without master #5413
  • Store Throttling: Updating throttle type setting was not applied upon updates #5392
  • Merging: Ensure merges to not happen when indexing a document or executing flush #5319
  • Packaging: Move systemd files from /etc to /usr/lib #4029

Bug fixes

  • Query API: Terms filter returning wrong results due to wrong caching #5363
  • Query API: Add support of field boost in common terms query #5258
  • Internal: Return correct XContentParser for SMILE #5510
  • Settings: Non-master nodes do not update the ElectMasterService when dynamically setting min_master_nodes #5494
  • Aliases API: An alias should accept a numeric routing value #5471
  • Discovery: Prevent possible starvation due to exception if sending a ping throws exception #5440
  • Geo: Allow distance unit for geohash precision #5449
  • Query API: Fix possible exception when using search type DFS_QUERY_THEN_FETCH and faceting #4754