Elasticsearch 0.90.12

Release Notes


  • Disabled costly RAM usage estimation on Lucene 3.x segments #5201
  • Optimized multiple cluster state updates processing on receiving nodes #5139
  • Bulk process of shard started/failed is not executed anymore on already processed events #5061
  • Cluster pending tasks: added support for local execution and master_timeout parameter #5058
  • Prevented infinite loop while acquiring a new searcher #5043
  • Plugins: Remove needless URL instantiation in PluginManager #5206
  • Testing: Run REST tests against multiple nodes #5003

Bug fixes:

  • Get field mapping API: made sure the request is executed on one of the nodes hosting the relevant index #5177
  • Highlighting: Ensured that the actual field name is returned when highlighting multiple fields using a wildcard expression #5221
  • Highlighting: Made sure that the proper highlighter is used when highlighting multiple fields using a wildcard expression #5175
  • Highlighting: Improved postings highlighter multi term queries (e.g. wildcard, prefix) support #5127
  • Made sure that the SearchContext doesn't get closed prematurely #5165
  • Fixed possible exception in Strings#toCamelCase method #5207
  • Prevented AssertionError during percolation using constant_score query #5049
  • Query DSL: Allow specifying nested fields in simple_query_string #5110
  • Query DSL: Added validation for the type values accepted by the multi_match query #4964
  • Fixed NullPointerException in completion suggester requests #4788 & #4970
  • Fixed files permissions in Debian Package #3820
  • Plugins: Upgrading analysis plugins failed #5030