Elasticsearch 0.90.11

Release Notes

New features:

  • Allow to change transport.publish_port setting to support systems as OpenShift, where public communication ports may be different than internal ones #4794


  • Upgraded to Lucene 4.6.1 #4897
  • Recovery: Translog parsing is not throttled anymore #4890
  • Packaging: Mark lucene-expression as provided in pom.xml to prevent too much unused dependent jars in the distribution #4859
  • Filtering: Do not cache a range filter that uses the now date math expressions #4846
  • Plugins: Serving _site plugins now also read index.html in sub directories #4845
  • The RestRequest class now uses the same logic for all methods, which try to read boolean values from parameters #4808

Bug fixes:

  • Support for source parameter in some REST APIs
    • REST scroll API supports source parameter #4941
    • REST percolate API supports source parameter #4903
    • REST msearch API supports source parameter #4901
    • REST mget API supports source parameter #4892
    • Fixed potential problem when no source and no body were specified #4924
  • Hot Threads API: Preventing possible ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException if the number of request busiest threads is greater than actual busy threads #4927
  • Hot Threads API: Failed to detect hot threads due to not-alive threads not returning needed data #4775
  • Filter: Ensure to never cache a filter that wraps a parent/child filter #4757
  • Filter: Fix possible NullPointerException in bool filter #4685
  • Allocation: During testing, the BalancedShardAllocator could make non-deterministic rebalance decisions #4867
  • Allocation: Manually tried allocation on a non-data now returns a useful error message #4833
  • Rivers: Ensure startup by specifying the primary start to query the river configuration from #4864
  • Bulk API: If JSON body data has to be parsed to extract metadata from it (like the _id) and fails, ensure, this does not affect the entire request instead of single bulk operation #4745
  • Bulk Testing: BulkRequestTests could fail on Windows due to line ending differences #4785
  • Warmer API: Warmer queries didnt correctly wait to finish for all queries #4849
  • Nodes Stats: id_cache stats could return negative values #4827
  • Startup: Fixed logging to right destination on immediate exit on start #4805
  • Mapping: Prevent IndexOutOfBoundsException when indexing empty JSON document in _all field mapping, and to compute boosts only in case of available tokens #4771
  • Query API: Empty query_string generated SearchParseException #3952
  • Query API: Ensure caching of date range filters that use now with rounding #4947
  • Query API: Filtered query now parses _name correctly #4960
  • Query API: Prevent possible NullPointerException in completion suggest #4970, #4788
  • Scroll API: Scrolling with has_child filter returns correct hits on further request #4703
  • REST Update Settings API: timeout and master_timeout are not used as index parameters #4692