Elasticsearch 0.90.0

Release Notes

Upgrade Notes:

  • This is the first stable release based on Lucene 4. We recommend testing the upgrade before doing it in production.
  • Upgrading from 0.20 requires a full cluster restart.
  • In order to be able to downgrade, stop indexing new data, issue a flush request, do the upgrade and only enable indexing of new data once you are certain that you no longer need to downgrade.  Once new data has been indexed, downgrading is no longer possible. To be extra safe, back up your data before upgrading.

Breaking changes:

  • minimum_should_match applied to wrong query in multi_match#2918

New features:

  • PolygonBuilder does not support holes#2899
  • Expose field level field data statistics#2889
  • Allow FieldData loading to be filtered#2874


  • Use Lucene Version that was used to create the index in Analysis#2945
  • XContentBuilder doesn't handle Java Calendar#2911
  • Empty response when updating cluster settings#2907
  • Make the has_child and has_parent filter support caching#2900
  • Add UNICODE_CHARACTER_CLASS flag to Regex flag parsing#2895
  • Better error message when using bloom codec#2893
  • Missing FilterBuilder.toString()#2887
  • Clear Cache API: Streamline option names#2890
  • Search Stats: Add current open searches#2906

Bug fixes:

  • Error on Script Based Sorting#2920
  • NullPointerException in count and search with preference set to _primary#2896
  • The clear_cache API doesn't clear fielddata cache by default#2886
  • Fielddata stats incorrect for multi-value fields#2882
  • Terms facets may return negative "other" count for script field#2878
  • 0.90 RC2 can no longer fetch template#2873
  • Get template does not seem to return warmers#2868
  • fragment_size doesn't work with quoted phrase#1072
  • StringIndexOutOfBoundsException[String index out of range: -8] while Highlighting#2931

This release also includes the changes in 0.90.0.Beta1, 0.90.0.RC1 and 0.90.0.RC2.