Elasticsearch 0.19.1

Release Notes

Upgrade Notes:

  • Upgrading from 0.18 requires issuing a full flush of all the indices in the cluster (curl host:9200/_flush) before shutting down the cluster, with no indexing operations happening after the flush.
  • The local gateway state structure has changed, a backup of the state files is created when upgrading, they can then be used to downgrade back to 0.18. Don’t downgrade without using them.

New features:

  • Index Blocks: Add index.blocks.write, index.blocks.read, and index.blocks.metadata settings (#1771)


  • Add cache thread pool to handle cache loading of async caches (bloom filter) (#1777)
  • Java API for require_field_match (#1795)
  • Highlighting using the default highlighter (not using term vectors) only highlights on the first 50*1024 chars (#1796)
  • Get: Add a specific get thread pool that handles get request (#1778)
  • Query DSL: indices filter type (#1787)
  • Scripting: Allow to disable dynamic script execution (#1763)

Bug fixes:

  • Special host config notation _[interfaceName]_ might fail to resolve the host address (#1754)
  • RemoteTransportException on _analyze request to specific index (#1770)
  • Closing a shard can cause a search/stats request that tries to acquire a handle to search while its closing to spin (#1772)
  • IOException when restricting fields and returning nested arrays. (#1774)
  • mlt_field doesn’t support boost (#1773)
  • When node.data is set to false, the upgrade shards process from 0.18 fails (#1793)
  • Get/MultiGet API with no type provided and doc does not exists causes a failure (#1794)