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Release Notes

Upgrade Notes:

  • Upgrading from 0.18 requires issuing a full flush of all the indices in the cluster (curl host:9200/_flush) before shutting down the cluster, with no indexing operations happening after the flush.
  • The local gateway state structure has changed, a backup of the state files is created when upgrading, they can then be used to downgrade back to 0.18. Don’t downgrade without using them.


  • msearch should accept a leading n (#1736)
  • Date Histogram Facet: Add pre_zone_adjust_large_interval (#1744)
  • Flush: Add a specific thread pool for flush operations (scheduled and API) (#1734)
  • Translog Flush: When disabling flush and enabling it again, scheduled flush stops executing (#1727)

Bug fixes:

  • Real time get on a stored _size field does not return its value (#1724)
  • query never returns (#1725)
  • Orderly shutdown with unicast discovery might cause the shutdown node to still be part of the election process (#1740)
  • NullPointerException when asking for null valued json field when fetching search request (#1749)
  • Multi level parent/child mapping and search fails (#1751)
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