Elasticsearch 0.18.6

Release Notes


  • Improve highlighting perf (a bit) by reusing some constructs across hits (#1513)
  • Analysis: Add arabic, brazilian, czech to stemmer token filter language options (#1519)
  • Query DSL:
    • Replace index.query.bool.max_clause_count with indices.query.bool.max_clause_count (old one still supported) (#1538)
    • query_string analyze wildcard option with prefix to automatically do OR’ed wildcard when its broken down into several tokens (#1539)
    • Allow to default certain settings in query_string / field queries (#1540)

Bug fixes:

  • search missing from stats when using clear and search params (#1516)
  • Version missing a space (#1517)
  • timestamp term match broken in 0.18.5 (#1543)
  • 0.18.5 ignores query string analyzer (#1547)
  • Nested queries: getDocIdSet NullPointerException (#1536)
  • Query DSL: Bool filter does not take should clauses properly into account (#1511)
  • Search: When searching against a type with a dfs search type, dfs is ignored (#1546)