Elasticsearch 0.18.5

Release Notes

New features:

  • Upgrade to Lucene 3.5 (#1502)


  • HTTPS support for CouchDB river (#1480)
  • By default, set http.compression to false (#1482)
  • DocumentMapper.java wrong order on build rootMappers (#1493)
  • Support using _id:1234, or using term query/filter on _id even when _id is not indexed (#1496)
  • Upgrade to netty 3.2.7 (#1506)
  • When _source is disabled, don’t return it in realtime get fetching the document from the transaction log (#1509)
  • AWS Plugin: Add more automatic region configuration (#1490)
  • Analysis:
    • Add language setting to lowercase filter, supporting greek and turkish (#1503)
    • Support greek language in the stemmer filter (#1504)
  • Query DSL: indices query to allow to set a no_match_query (#1492)

Bug fixes:

  • Thrift transport handling unexpected URI hangs (#1484)
  • IndicesQueryBuilder generates the wrong query name (#1485)
  • Multi field mapper with more than one extra mapping can cause endless re-sync’ing of mapping between nodes (#1487)
  • Using _parent:123 in a query string query fails to fetch docs (#1497)
  • Registering a percolate query with additional “object” level metadata can fail (#1505)