Elasticsearch 0.18.3

Release Notes

Breaking changes:

  • Blank routing should be ignored (#1450)
  • Highlighting on term vector enabled field should not highlight filters by default (#1469)
  • Date Range: Inclusive upper range does not round up properly (#1463)

New features:

  • Index shard search slow log (query and fetch) (#1462)


  • AbstractCompoundWordTokenFilterFactory should store the dictionary as a CharArraySet instance, not a Set (#1449)
  • XContentBuilder to handle extended classes of java.util.Date (#1465)
  • Mapping: Improve applying guessed types on dynamic templates (#1446)

Bug fixes:

  • data.path locations are unevenly filled (0.18.2) (#1436)
  • Percolate / Analyzer API can hang if it fails to execute (#1457)
  • Using root object level mapping (_size, _source) can cause reparsing of the mapping on startup (#1458)
  • Nested facet execution can fail with ArrayIndexOutOfBounds (#1467)
  • Inner queries not resolved correctly in has_child filter when searching directly against the parent type (in the URI for example) (#1471)
  • Couchdb River: since changes parameter (seq) is not url encoded (#1470)
  • Indices Stats API: Providing groups as part of the HTTP API does not return stats for those groups (#1468)
  • Search: Search requests execute by mistake on the networking http IO thread, causing other http operations to hang (#1455)