Elasticsearch 0.17.7

Release Notes

New features:

  • Upgrade to Lucene 3.4.0 (#1335)


  • Don’t include CLASSPATH env var in elasticsearch.bat script (#1287)
  • Support setting ctx._parent in CouchDB-River (#1300)
  • Optimizing inactive (indexing wise) shard to only happen when there are no ongoing merges (#1336)
  • Bulk API: Properly retry execution on temporal state changes (#1343)
  • CouchDB River: Add throttling when indexing does not keep up with fetching _changes (#1269)
  • Multi Get: Allow to specify fields to fetch in the URI, and apply it automatically to all docs to get without explicit fields (#1281)
  • Rivers: Close rivers early allowing them to still do index operations (#1330)
  • Versioning: Delete on an already deleted document should still affect versioning (#1341)

Bug fixes:

  • Single node rolling restart into a new node can cause metadata loss (#1249)
  • dynamic templates might cause elasticsearch to keep resync mappings (#1257)
  • Query Parser caching does not take parsed query rewrite method into account (#1260)
  • Using 57744018578214912 as an id can cause failure to route to the correct shard (#1294)
  • Rapidly concurrent deleting/creating an index leaves index inconsistent (#1296)
  • Negative total cpu time reported by the node stats REST API (#1297)
  • Query with stopwords executed directly against a type fails (#1320)
  • Indexation of document causes NullPointerException (on Linux) or ES process hanging (#1325)
  • Rest Delete API does not honor the version_type parameter (#1337)
  • Nested Mapping: Nested object with a null value causes wrong indexing structure (resulting in wrong search responses) (#1323)
  • Realtime Get: Under high concurrent indexing and immediate get, a get might be missed while flushing (#1344)
  • Thread Pool: Blocking thread pool type configuration fails (#1321)
  • Tiered merge policy setting: max_merge_segment misnamed and should be max_merged_segment (#1280)
  • XContentBuilder.field : StackOverflowError with Integer[] parameters (#1324)
  • wrong method signature: RangeFilterBuilder and NumericRangeFilterBuilder (#1244)