Elasticsearch 0.17.3

Release Notes


  • Stop Token Filter – allow to set enable_position_increments (#1182)
  • warn if mlockall is not working once enabled in settings (instead of debug logging) (#1194)
  • Allow creation of empty docs (#1195)
  • Analysis:
    • Unique token filter (#1185)
    • ‘truncate’ token filter (#1165)
    • Add a kstem name option to stemmer token filter (on top of the default kstem option) (#1196)
  • Cache Stats: Computing the filter stats using the default weighted filter cache is expensive (#1201)
  • Groovy Plugins: Upgrade to 1.8.1 (#1175)
  • HTTP: Disable automatic cookie parsing and resetting, allow to enable it (#1177)
  • Http Transport: Allow to configure max_header_size, max_initial_line_length, and max_chunk_size (#1174)
  • Index Cache Stats / JVM Stats: Add a refresh_interval to control when it gets refreshed (#1200)
  • Mapping:
    • Root object non ISO date formats to support timezone (#1181)
    • Renamed root object date_formats to dynamic_date_formats (old value still works) (#1183)
  • More Like This API: Allow to provide search_size and search_from (#1179)
  • Queries: Optimize single clause boolean query (#1206)
  • Query DSL:
    • Allow to control how all multi term queries are rewritten (#1186)
    • ids filter/parse to automatically use types provided as part of the search (#1188)
    • custom_filters_score allow to associate boost on filter instead of script (#1204)
    • custom_filters_score – add score_mode to control filters matching scoring (#1205)
  • Rest API: Add an X-Opaque-Id header, to be returned in the response if exists in the request (#1202)
  • Search API: URI request allow to additional query_string parameters (#1178)

Bug fixes:

  • When flushing, old transaction log is not removed (#1180). Note, this feature has not been properly backported, and will be properly fixed in 0.17.5.
  • Failed to load uid from the index in match_all query with parent/child and _source disabled (#1149)
  • Merge Policy type setting fails (#1190)
  • Sorting on _score in the URI format / Java API is reversed (#1191)
  • highlight.fields should accept field names with the full path (#1192)
  • Delete By Query wrongly persisted to translog (#1198)
  • Automatic index creation can still cause “index missing” failures (#1199)
  • Minor(?) scripting bug(?): (caching-related?) odd behavior when changing languages for the same script code (#1150)
  • Unicast Discovery: When providing a comma separated list of addresses, trim them from whitespaces (#1193)