Elasticsearch 0.15.2

Release Notes


  • Don’t “double” cache a facet filter / query facet (#734)
  • Delete API: Allow to set _parent on it (will simply set the routing value) (#742)
  • Query DSL: flt_field does not allow to set min_similarity and prefix_length (#744)
  • Refresh getting called without really needed to refresh (#749)

Bug fixes:

  • Date Histogram Facet: NPE if using “1w” interval (#727)
  • Prefix inside a dis_max / bool query broken (#732)
  • Searching while an index is being allocated and no active shards exists within a “shard replication group” can cause search “misses” (#736)
  • All Field: All field can fail to analyze input data (rare cases) (#743)


  • upgrade to mvel 2.1.beta2