Elasticsearch 0.13.0

Release Notes

Breaking changes:

  • Change single operation shard hashing to only use id, and not id and type (#472)
  • Create specific data location for indices (move from work) (#473)
  • Mapping: Rename _attributes to _meta (#518)

New features:

  • Write Consistency Level for index/delete/delete_by_query/bulk with one/quorum/all. Defaults to quorum. (#444)
  • When on linux, force it not to swap elasticsearch process (jvm) (#464)
  • API: Allow to control document shard routing, and search shard routing (#470)
  • Indices API: Add open and close index (#447)
  • Mapper:
    • Ip Type Support (ipv4), auto detection with dynamic mapping (#461)
    • Add path_match for full object navigation path matching (#476)
    • An analyzer mapper allowing to control the index analyzer of a document based on a document field (#485)
  • Query DSL: Allow to provide pattern field names when using query_string query (#511)
  • Routing:
    • When specify in the mapping _routing required, a delete without explicit routing value should automatically be broadcasted to all shards (#522)
    • Allow to define path on the _routing mapping, to automatically extract the routing from it (#524)
  • Transport Thrift: Upgrade to thrift 0.5.0 (#457)


  • Reduce multiple indices overhead, don’t create Indices data on nodes that don’t hold any shard for an index (#441)
  • Improve performance when searching across multiple types (#478)
  • Add an option to display max_open_files, by setting -Des.max-open-files to true (#483)
  • Cluster health API should return RED status (on applicable levels) when an index has not recovered from the gateway (#507)
  • Analysis: Allow to alias analyzers (#486)
  • Fs Gateway: Add (native) file lock to ensure two nodes in a split brain are not updating same gateway (#481)
  • Get Action: Allow to pass refresh forcing getting latest (#488)
  • Histogram Facet: Allow to define a key field and value script (#517)
  • Index: Move compound format setting to index.compound_format (old setting still supported) (#463)
  • Index Merge: Change default index.merge.scheduler.max_thread_count from @ to be adaptive based on processor count (#469)
  • Mapper:
    • Store the routing (if provided) under a _routing field (#515)
    • date type to also allow providing values in numeric (milliseconds since epoch) (#516)
  • Mapping: add threshold to _source field compression (#506)
  • Query DSL:
    • Add exists and missing filters to filter documents where a field either has a value or not in them. (#445)
    • Query String missing and exists syntax (#446)
    • term, term, prefix, and range filter are now weakly cached, for more strong caching, set _cache to true. (#450)
    • constant_score and filtered queries cache filters by default, remove it (#449)
    • term filter to have _cache set to true by default (#453)
    • Revert back and have range, terms, and prefix filter _cache set to true (#456)
    • Add field_masking_span query (#471)
    • Allow to control (globally) the max clause count for bool query (defaults to 1024) (#482)
  • Rivers: Add a _status doc for each river (#468)
  • Routing: Allow to specify on the _routing mapping that its required, and fail index operations that do not provide one (#520)
  • Search: Change default operation threading to thread_per_shard from single_thread (#455)
  • Cluster Health API: add number of data nodes (commit)

Bug fixes:

  • “geo_distance” parsing bugs (#454)
  • On full cluster restart, replicas transaction logs are not getting cleaned (#465)
  • Possible (rare) shard index corruption / different doc count on recovery (gateway / shard) (#466)
  • constant_score query might apply deletes wrongly (#477)
  • document level analyzer (analyzer, index_analyzer, search_analyzer) are not serialized (and not maintained across restarts) (#484)
  • Parsing a deeply nested json might fail (#494)
  • Histogram Facet: keys are wrongly ordered (#521)
  • Query: match_all query (also in query_string: :) is very slow (#451)
  • Thrift: Response might get corrupted with extra data (#452)
  • (?) fix expected setting, had an additional _ by mistake (commit)