Turning data into action: How organizations derive insights and value from their data

The amount of data that organizations have access to is exponentially growing. Are you using this data deluge to your advantage?

Organizations that leverage their data effectively are seeing big benefits. Elastic and ThoughtLab conducted a global survey of 800 executives and found that to succeed in our data-driven world, enterprises need to harness data to drive their growth and performance.

The organizations that do this exceptionally well are coined “data leaders” in this report. These organizations have a unified IT platform, use search-powered solutions, take advantage of the latest technologies, and build the business on data-driven decisions. And thanks to their effective data usage, they’ve experienced benefits that range from jumps in revenue and profits to improvements in innovation and teamwork.



  • Learn what makes an organization a leader in putting their data to work
  • Discover the steps to take to unlock value from data
  • Get country-specific data to see how you compare
  • Learn how to overcome common challenges in your data journey
  • Get best practices and case studies from real organizations


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