Elasticsearch 0.10.0

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Release Notes

Incompatible changes:

Query DSL:

  • Facet filter renamed to facet_filter. (See commit for #289)

New and enhancements in API:

  • Geo support:
    • Support geo_point type. (#278)
    • Filters:
      • geo_distance filter. (#279)
      • geo_bounding_box filter. (#290)
      • geo_polygon filter. (#294)
    • Facets:
      • geo_distance facet. (#286)
    • Sort:
      • _geo_distance sort. (#306)
  • Range Facet. (#287)
  • Support dates in range facet. (commit)
  • Add an option to provide the array of ranges “on” the field name itself. (commit, commit)
  • Facets: Filter based facet. (#289)
  • Support for custom script based sorting. (#293, commit)
  • Add the ability to store the index name in the doc. (#292)
  • Ability to return all stored fields with a *. (#296)
  • Rename jmx settings to conform with casing (old casing also works). (commit), (docs)
  • Update settings API, allowing to dynamically change the number_of_replicas for an index / indices. (#302), (docs)
  • Terms facet:
    • Allow to control the ordering either by count (default), term, reverse_count and reverse_term. (#303, #314)
    • Allow to control the term and its inclusion using a script. (#304)
  • Search API: Sort values are now returned per hit. (#305)
  • Mappers: also use name as a smart lookup for field/property on top of indexName and fullName. (#309)
  • Facets: Automatically filter by type for facets that use explicit field names that are prefixed by the type. (#310)
  • EC2 Discovery ignoring instances with more than one security group. (#311)
  • Remove memory monitor and move translog operations threshold to shard level setting. New setting for flush on translog operations is index.translog.flush_threshold, and defaults to 5000. (#312)
  • Analysis: Add char_filter on top of tokenizer, filter, and analyzer. Add an html_strip char filter. (#315), (docs)
  • Query DSL: custom score script, allow to use _score as well as score as the underlying query score. (#316)
  • Transport: add global compression support (transport.tcp.compress) compressing all internal transport communication (using lzf). (#321)
  • Recovery: Using transport compression explicitly when recovering an index from a peer shard. (#322)
  • Support compression of the _source field. (docs)
  • Added `standard_html_strip` analyzer that combines the standard analyzer with html_strip char filter. (commit)
  • Indices status API:
    • add peer recovery status exposing both on going and summary when recovering from a peer shard (commit, commit)
    • add gateway recovery status exposing both on going and summary when recovering from a gateway (commit)
    • add snapshot status (either current one or the latest one executed) (commit)
    • add progress status (commit)
  • Cluster Health API: Add initializing_shards and unassigned_shards to the response. (#330)
  • List remote nodest storage information with a timeout. (commit)
  • Add /_shutdown to the REST endpoints. (commit)
  • Indexing Buffer Size: Refine default setting to 10% (from 40%) and add more settings. (#334)
  • Add russian letter tokenizer. (commit docs need to be updated)
  • Query DSL: Improve or and and filters to accept just array of filters. (#336)

Bug fixes:

  • Put Mapping: When using a single node and updating a mapping, it is not marked as `acknowledged`. (#280)
  • Search fails when sorting on a field that has no values in the hits returned. (#285)
  • After gateway recovery, mappings keep being applied on each cluster change. (#295)
  • REST API hang on a bogus call. (#297)
  • Gateway: Chunk based storage broken, fails to recover from gateway. (#318)
  • Document IDs need to be URL decoded when indexed. (#324)
  • Gateway: Failure to read full translog from the gateway. (#328)
  • boolean values cannot be searched with expected queries. (#327)
  • filtered more_like_this doesn’t parse correctly. (#326)
  • Can’t set “no stopwords” on analyzer. (#329)
  • Should escape rn in exception message. (#332)
  • Memcach: StreamCorruptedException when loading a cluster. (#300)


  • upgrade to jackson 1.5.5
  • upgrade to guava r06
  • upgrade to gradle 0.9-rc-1
  • upgrade to memcached 2.5 (the protocol can be used for REST)
  • upgrade to joda-time 1.6.1
  • upgrade to aws-java-sdk-1.0.008
  • remove ning async http client
  • remove non blocking structures (Highly Scalable Java Utilities http://sourceforge.net/projects/high-scale-lib/)
  • Change default calibrate_size_by_deletes for merge policy to true from false (this is what upcoming lucene version will use). (commit)
  • Add ability to iterate over assigned shards, and add an extension point to control shard routing iteration in the broadcast based action support. (commit)