Elastic + GSoC = Open Source ❤️

Continuing our doubling down on open focus, now is your chance to join Elastic's Google Summer of Code.

If you have never heard of Google Summer of Code or GSoC in short: Organizations maintaining open source projects mentor university students to work on one of their projects for the summer. Google is kind enough to organize the program and pay the students. This year Elastic is participating in GSoC for the first time with our open source products Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats, and Logstash.

While we are going to open the code for X-Pack soon, it won't be available under an open source license and you will still need a commercial license to use many of the features in production. Thus projects based on X-Pack are not in the scope of GSoC.

But we have other great things you can work on covering Java, Go, React, and more:

Every project has two mentors (our default replica value of 1), who guide you on your three month coding journey: Define the deliverables of your project and refine them with us. Start coding on your fork, while we are providing continuous feedback. And if everything goes well we can merge your contribution in fall, so that all users of the Elastic Stack can enjoy it while you get your well deserved open source kudos.

What to do next:

  • Check out the full timeline. All proposals must be submitted by March 27, 2018 16:00 (UTC), so there is no time to waste.
  • Write your project proposal following our instructions and submit a pull request to the project you want to be working on. The pull request does not need to be merged, but we want to see that you are up to speed with the code and tools.
  • Read the GSoC FAQ and program rules. Ask any remaining questions on our GSoC discuss forum.

Good luck to all who apply!