Elasticsearch on Google Cloud Platform

Click-to-Deploy Elasticsearch via Google Cloud Launcher

Google Cloud Platform

Searching and analyzing your data in real time with Elasticsearch is now available as a one-click installation on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Google collaborated with Elasticsearch to take the search and analytics product you know and love and made it easy to use on cloud infrastructure you trust.

Google Cloud Platform offers a suite of cloud-based services to help users develop and run a multitude of applications. Using virtual machines hosted on Google's infrastructure, GCP lets users run large-scale workloads with the reliability and performance of Google's global fiber network.

Elasticsearch on GCP is a performant option for organizations looking for a cloud-based, scalable solution to search and analyze data in real time. From centralized logging, to powerful search applications, to operational analytics, Elasticsearch on GCP lets you simply point, click, and provision an Elasticsearch cluster instantly. The integration also includes X-Pack, the product that ships with features to secure Elasticsearch, monitor the Elastic Stack, report and alert on your data, and more.

To get started with Elasticsearch on GCP, visit: https://console.cloud.google.com/launcher/details/click-to-deploy-images/elasticsearch?q=elasticsearch

The open source Elastic Stack allows users to easily take data from any source and visualize it with real-time, custom dashboards. It consists of Elasticsearch for search and analytics, Kibana for visualization and navigation, Beats for lightweight data shipping, and Logstash for data processing and ingestion. And it's all extensible with X-Pack and its features.

If you're interested in getting guidance from the best, Elastic subscriptions offer enterprise-grade support for your projects in development and production to help you accelerate project delivery and solve issues quickly. Our Gold and Platinum subscriptions are further enriched with X-Pack features such as security, alerting, monitoring, reporting, and more, at no additional cost.

On April 6, 2017, we announced that Elastic Cloud, the official hosted Elasticsearch offering, is coming to Google Cloud Platform.

As of August 17, 2017, we introduced a beta release of Elastic Cloud on GCP, which is available to existing customers and new users to try.