Elastic customer stories of all shapes and sizes

Get insight into how various organizations are using our products to tackle a growing number of use cases.






  • Met Office uses Elastic to monitor IT infrastructure and protect data

  • National laboratory uses Elastic to optimize performance of projected world's fastest supercomputer

  • Comcast transforms customer experiences with Elastic Observability

  • Global freight transportation company transforms business operations and customer experiences with Elastic

  • Cranfield University deploys Elastic cloud-based SIEM to protect vital IT infrastructure and support revenue opportunities

  • Sitecore wins new business, reduces costs, and accelerates security operations with Elastic

  • The Met Office gains valuable data insights to help make informed decisions quickly and accurately with Elastic

  • Global 2000 energy company boosts application and infrastructure performance, saves employee time and operations costs with Elastic Observability

  • Mentat automates cloud management and reduces outages with Elastic solutions

  • Go1 transforms corporate online learning with Elastic Enterprise Search

  • AutoZone partners with Elastic to provide value for its customers

  • Proximus boosts the customer experience and accelerates launch of fiber broadband