Adding Spark (and Security) to Elasticsearch for Hadoop

Using Elasticsearch within the Hadoop ecosystem just got a lot more interesting with our latest release. As the Hadoop landscape continues to evolve, Elasticsearch for Apache Hadoop (ES-Hadoop) makes combining the big data analytics capabilities of Hadoop with the incredibly fast search power of Elasticsearch easy.

In this video, Costin Leau, Lead on ES-Hadoop, and Bala Venkatrao, Director of Product Management, will walk you through the new features in ES-Hadoop 2.1, notably:

  • Native integration with Spark and Spark SQL
  • Enhanced security
  • Support for Storm integration

Predikto, a predictive analytics startup, will also share their ES-Hadoop story about how to leverage data gathered from disparate sources across the industrial Internet of Things to proactively anticipate equipment failure.

Feel free to take ES-Hadoop 2.1 for a spin! We'd love to know what you think.



Costin Leau

Costin Leau leads Elastic's Hadoop efforts. An open source veteran, Costin led various Spring projects and authored an OSGi spec. He is also a speaker at various editions of EclipseCon/OSGi DevCon, JavaOne, Devoxx/Javapolis, JavaZone, SpringOne, TSSJS on Java/Spring/Hadoop-related topics.

Roy Russo

Vice President of Engineering, Predikto, Inc.

Roy currently leads engineering for Predikto, a predictive analytics startup based in Atlanta, GA. He was the Co-Founder and VP of Product Management for Atlanta-based Marketing Automation vendor, LoopFuse; recently acquired by Atlanta-based SalesFusion, Inc. Roy also helped co-found JBoss Portal, a JSR-168 compliant enterprise Java Portal, and represented JBoss on the Java Content Repository, JSR-170.