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Elastic Advent Calendar 2018, Week 2

What a great week it's been! Just under halfway, with 14 posts down and 15 more to go in our 2018 Advent series, you can follow along with the rest of the series by subscribing to our Advent category on Discuss, or watching our @elastic account on Twitter, and of course these recap blog posts (in case you missed it, check out our the Elastic Advent 2018 Week One recap).

From Canvas, to field aliases, security monitoring and Python, this week is packed full of interesting topics.

Without further delay, here's Week 2 in review.

Dec 8: [EN][Python/Elasticsearch] Getting started with Elasticsearch DSL and Python by Honza Krai

The purpose of elasticsearch-dsl is to provide an easier and more familiar way to work with Elasticsearch. It focuses on just the most common operations like search and generally working with data...

Dec 9: [EN][Elastic Stack] Ubiquiti metrics in the Elastic Stack by Mark Walkom

The Ubiquiti Unifi 15 kit is pretty amazing for its price point. I use it extensively at home to replace a bunch of Google Wifi, power line and wifi extenders and other devices that just never really worked for me. Other than the value for money they provide, it's super simple to setup and manage.

Dec 10: [EN][Elastic Stack] Correlate and Alert for Security Analytics by Sherry Ger

Security analytics is a common use case for the Elastic Stack. In this short topic, we will set up a rule based alert that triggers a notification when network or log events correlate with indicators of compromise. We would alert near real time so investigators can start their investigation and remediate as quickly as possible.

Dec 11: [PT-BR][Elasticsearch] Usando Field Aliases para criar uma visão unificada entre índices com mapeamento distinto by Thiago Souza

Field Aliases, que apareceu na versão 6.4, é uma poderosa funcionalidade que permite criar uma visão unificada entre índices com mapeamentos distintos.

Dec 12th: [EN][Elasticsearch] Automatically adding a timestamp to documents by Abdon Pijpelink

Back in the old days, prior to version 5 of Elasticsearch, documents had a metadata field called _timestamp. When enabled, this _timestamp was automatically added to every document. It would tell you the exact time a document had been indexed.

Dec 13th: [EN][Elasticsearch] Chaining Ingest Pipelines by Luca Wintergerst

In the following example we will explore the ability to reference ingest pipelines to remove some of the complexity and duplication. For this we will use the new pipeline processor 1 in 6.5. That allows us to call a pipeline from another pipeline...

Dec 14th: [EN][Kibana] Canvas: From 0 to dashboard before the morning is out by Aaron Aldrich

Canvas is probably my favorite new feature of Kibana. Since its first technology previews I was thrilled with the idea of live-data backed slide decks built inside of Kibana and beautiful free-form dashboards. It's only recently, though, that I had the time and inspiration to dig in myself. The Central Pennsylvania Open Source Conference gave me just the excuse (and dataset) I needed to get started.

Two more weeks to go!

Two down and two to go. Catch you next week for another round of recap!