22 January 2019 User Stories

Improving Quality Assurance Automation at Ramsey Solutions with the Elastic Stack

By Greg Paskal

03 January 2019 User Stories

A Fast, Satisfying Search Experience with AmericanAncestors.org

By Emily Mosher

Learn how AmericanAncestors.org worked with the Elastic support team to boost performance and deliver a highly scalable service with minimal overhead.

19 December 2018 User Stories

Monitoring Airport Security Operations with Canvas & Elasticsearch

By Robert Bruce

Learn how Crimson Macaw implemented airport security operations dashboards at London Stansted Airport (STN) using Canvas and Elastic Cloud.

12 December 2018 User Stories

Analyzing a High-Tech Manufacturing Supply Chain with Social Network Theory

By Petr Dobrovolný

Learn how Imec - a leading nano-electronics research institute - uses the Graph and MATLAB to perform manufacturing supply chain analysis.

08 November 2018 User Stories

webLyzard's Visual Exploration of Sustainability Communication with Elasticsearch

By Arno Scharl

06 November 2018 User Stories

Improving the GoDaddy User Experience with Elastic Machine Learning

By Tony Sleva

Learn how GoDaddy went from siloed clusters to centralized Elasticsearch to using machine learning to improve the user experience and track business KPIs.

30 October 2018 User Stories

Using the Elastic Stack to Monitor CitiGroup’s Centralized Database

By Daniel Cecil

Learn how the Elastic Stack is used by the CitiGroup IT team for advanced search analytics to monitor their centralized database.

24 October 2018 User Stories

SAP Concur: Elastic Logging as a DevOps Strategy

By Tony Sleva

Learn how SAP Concur has grown their logging solution from an IT necessity to a DevOps strategy, enabling easy end-to-end service ownership.

17 October 2018 User Stories

Perform Feeds: Using the Elastic Stack to Improve the API Client Experience

By Jeremy Kivell

02 October 2018 User Stories

Elasticsearch and RightMove: Mapping Out Your New Home With Search

By Daniel Cecil

RightMove the UK’s largest property website. See how RightMove uses the Elastic Stack to improve customer experience using geo capabilities.

25 September 2018 User Stories

Monitoring Petabytes of Logs per Day at eBay with Beats

By Renuka Gough

Discover how eBay’s logging and monitoring team tackles massive data collection and analysis of application logs with the Elastic Stack.

20 September 2018 User Stories

Microsoft Azure DevOps Search: Upgrading Elasticsearch and NEST with Zero Downtime

By Mohammad Imran Siddique

Learn how Microsoft Azure DevOps upgraded both Elasticsearch and NEST with zero downtime. Also see how they handled increasing from 60 TB to 225 TB of data.