07 September 2016 User Stories

Dockbeat: A new addition to the Beats Community

By Erwann CloarecDouae Jeouit

Discover Dockbeat, a new Beat of reading Docker containers statistics and indexing them into Elasticsearch.

25 August 2016 User Stories

An Arduino-Based Home Weather Station on the Elastic Stack

By Issac Kelly

I wanted to visualize the weather outside. So I built a way using some hobby hardware, Elasticsearch & Kibana.

16 August 2016 User Stories

Behind the Elastic Stack: Working with USAA

By Greg Nieman

Elastic Support Engineer Greg Nieman shares what it's been like working with USAA for the past two years.

25 July 2016 User Stories

Security and Alerting for Elasticsearch: A Vandis Story (Part 2)

By Haley Stephenson

It’s just another day when Shield, Watcher, Marvel, and Beats help Vandis identify and resolve problems before their customers know anything’s amiss.

21 July 2016 User Stories

How JJ Food Service Uses the Elastic Stack for Log Analytics and Search

By Erdem EkiciKaramjit Kang

Discover how JJ Food Service uses the Elastic Stack to create a better search experience for their customers.

14 July 2016 User Stories

From POC to Prod with Elasticsearch: A Vandis Story (Part 1)

By Haley Stephenson

Eight days. That’s how long Vandis’ Director of Engineering had to go from proof-of-concept to production. There was a job to do — and he wasn't alone.

04 July 2016 User Stories

Finding You the Best Hotel at LateRooms.com with Elasticsearch

By Andy Lowry

Read how LateRooms.com uses Elasticsearch to power text search, map search and text search to find the best hotels for their users.

22 June 2016 User Stories

Finding a Scalable Data Model for Search @ bol.com

By Maarten Roosendaal

Learn how bol.com solved the modelling challenge of their current search engine with Elasticsearch.

21 June 2016 User Stories

Jobrapido: Powering the Search for Employment

By Antonio Bonuccelli

Elastic Engineer Antonio Bonuccelli shares what it's been like to work with Jobrapido for the past year and a half.