21 March 2019 User Stories

Elasticsearch as a time series database for telemetry data at NS1

By Joe DeFever

19 March 2019 User Stories

Countering cyber threats with Elastic Cloud Enterprise at CERDEC/ARL

By Joe DeFever

This Elastic{ON} Tour recap explores how Cyber Ops in the Department of Defense used Elastic to scale security data ingest and conduct critical threat hunts.

13 March 2019 User Stories

Eye-catching Canvas dashboards on top of bike sharing data

By Ruben SlabbertAndrew Li

Learn how Aginic - one of Australia’s leading data analytics consulting agencies - is using Canvas to help track and display real-time public bike sharing.

11 March 2019 User Stories

Switching to Elasticsearch to Improve Cybersecurity for the World’s Fastest Supercomputer

By Samantha Dodge

Discover why the cybersecurity experts at Oak Ridge National Laboratory switched from Splunk to Elasticsearch.

06 March 2019 User Stories

Security Events Logging at Bell Canada

By Emily Mosher

26 February 2019 User Stories

CenturyLink: Building a Network Management Framework with Open Source

By Chandler Gibbons

CenturyLink’s network architecture wasn’t scaling with the company’s growth, so they began to look to open source projects like the Elastic Stack for answers.

25 February 2019 User Stories

The Department of Work and Pensions: Proactive Monitoring with the Elastic Stack

By Suzy Robertson

The Department of Work and Pensions is the UK’s biggest public service department. See how they use the Elastic Stack to provide insight of system performance.

22 February 2019 User Stories

Mayr-Melnhof: Visualizing Cardboard Production Data with the Elastic Stack

By David Kravets

Learn how Mayr-Melnhof wrangled data from 25,000 cardboard production sensors with the Elastic Stack, lowering materials costs by up to 20%.

20 February 2019 User Stories

From ELK Stack to Elastic Cloud Enterprise: Scaling Up Capabilities at John Deere

By Samantha DodgeChandler Gibbons

18 February 2019 User Stories

KPN Harnesses the Elastic Stack to Thwart Security Data Overload

By David Kravets

KPN Security Services embraces the Elastic Stack to prevent "visibility gaps" in its "day-to-day business." Check out this recap of their talk from Elastic{ON}.

12 February 2019 User Stories

Managing My Type 1 Diabetes with Elastic Machine Learning

By Andreas Helmer

Learn how Andreas Helmer uses the Elastic Stack and machine learning to help manage his Type 1 Diabetes by tracking blood sugar level data on a daily basis.

07 February 2019 User Stories

How Kenna Security Speeds Up Search at Scale using Elasticsearch - Part 2

By Molly Struve

Kenna Security utilizes Elasticsearch to allow clients to customize how they organize their data, making search speed a top priority.