19 April 2017 User Stories

Stretching the Elastic Stack to Fit the (Very Large and Complicated) Human Genome

By Emily Mosher

How Merck is using Elasticsearch to tame a rich, but wild jungle of genetic data and getting it to perform tricks — like predicting disease causes.

14 April 2017 User Stories

Elasticsearch as an Android Malware Research Platform

By Kenny Ye

The Elastic Stack played a very important role as Trend Micro created a platform for their researchers to hunt malware contained in Android applications.

27 March 2017 User Stories

Searching for needle in haystack

By Guilherme Melo e Maranhão

This project from the State of Goiás Justice Prosecutor's Office, Brazil was shortlisted for this year’s inaugural Elastic Cause Awards.

17 February 2017 User Stories

The Elastic Journey @ Mixmax

By Cameron Price-Austin

Mixmax is a platform for all your externally-facing communications. Check out their journey from Mongo to Elastic to Elastic Cloud.

02 February 2017 User Stories

Scaling File System Search with Elasticsearch @ Egnyte

By Kalpesh Patel

In this article, Kalpesh shares Egnyte's journey of transforming their search functionality from a home grown distributed search solution to Elasticsearch.