03 May 2018 User Stories

NetApp: Finding Intelligent Operation with Embedded Elasticsearch

By Daniel Cecil

NetApp has embedded Elasticsearch into OnCommand Insight. Learn how they did it, the lessons learned, and how their customers benefit from the Elastic Stack.

01 May 2018 User Stories

Nothing but Net with Elastic Cloud

By Jeff Whelpley

Swish turned to Elastic's Elasticsearch Service (built on Elastic Cloud) to implement a production environment in one day.

04 April 2018 User Stories

Leveraging Elasticsearch for a 1,000% performance boost

By David MaidmentAndy Barraclough

In moving from Amazon Elasticsearch Search to Elastic Cloud, the Voxpopme engineering team made good on the promise to boost performance by 1000%.

22 December 2017 User Stories

iPrice Group & the largest e-commerce catalog in Southeast Asia – powered by Elasticsearch

By Heinrich WendelAnton Bormotov

iPrice Group is on a quest to make e-commerce more accessible to the SE Asian market. Here's how they used Elasticsearch to power their product catalog search.

27 November 2017 User Stories

Elasticsearch at RTE: Blackout Prevention through Weather Prediction

By Akli RahmounTony Blanchard

The Elastic Stack and the X-Pack alerting and machine learning features help us with weather prediction and alerts on risks of thermal damage and line sag.

11 October 2017 User Stories

Lexer's upgrade to Elasticsearch 5.4.1 improved search speeds by 30-40%

By Chris Scobell

Lexer has a gigantic data set of 2.8 billion documents on 14 terabytes of disk space. In upgrading to Elasticsearch 5.4.1 their performance increased by 30-40%.

11 September 2017 User Stories

Using Elastic Graph to Evaluate the imec.IC-link Partner Network

By Petr Dobrovolný

Using the Elastic Stack and X-Pack Imec was able to deliver a unique analysis of their business partner network as a social network.

30 August 2017 User Stories

Get a Break and Search Fast with Snaptrip and Elasticsearch

By Maciej Rakowicz

Snaptrip uses Elastic Cloud to offer its users a platform where they can quickly and easily find properties that match their requirements.

29 August 2017 User Stories

Powering the glomex Marketplace with Elasticsearch

By Michael Muckel

Glomex made Elasticsearch a core component of their technology stack offering a superior search experience to their business customers.