20 September 2018 User Stories

Microsoft Azure DevOps Search: Upgrading Elasticsearch and NEST with Zero Downtime

By Mohammad Imran Siddique

19 September 2018 User Stories

Signal Media: Optimizing for More Elasticsearch Power with Less Elasticsearch Cluster

By Joachim Draeger

Learn how Signal Media scaled their Elasticsearch cluster to make it more performant, reliable and cost efficient.

12 September 2018 User Stories

Rabobank: Enhancing the Online Banking Experience with Elasticsearch

By Tony Sleva

Learn how Rabobank was able to leverage the Elastic Stack to help their customers access more historical financial data in less time.

30 August 2018 User Stories

Celebrating the first Elastic Certified Engineer

By Kosho OwaRich Raposa

Meet our first Elastic Certified Engineer — Hiroshi Yoshioka from Acroquest.

29 August 2018 User Stories

OTTO Motors: Using the Elastic Stack to Expand the IoT Landscape

By Daniel Cecil

14 August 2018 User Stories

Operational Logging at Lyft: Migrating from Splunk Cloud to Amazon ES to Self-Managed Elasticsearch

By Tony Sleva

Learn why Lyft took their operational logging solution into their own hands with self-managed Elasticsearch.

09 August 2018 User Stories

From Tableau to Elastic: How Samtec Streamlined Business Intelligence & Analytics

By Caleb KellerWoo Ee

Samtec shares how Elasticsearch and Kibana has helped them build out an internal business intelligence tool for their enterprise from sales to manufacturing.

03 May 2018 User Stories

Using the Elastic Stack as a SaaS based Security Operations Swiss Army Knife

By James Spiteri

Here's the story of how RS2 quickly got Elastic Cloud from PoC to production by proving it as a security analytics solution.

03 May 2018 User Stories

NetApp: Finding Intelligent Operation with Embedded Elasticsearch

By Daniel Cecil

01 May 2018 User Stories

Nothing but Net with Elastic Cloud

By Jeff Whelpley

Swish turned to Elastic's Elasticsearch Service (built on Elastic Cloud) to implement a production environment in one day.

04 April 2018 User Stories

Leveraging Elasticsearch for a 1,000% performance boost

By David MaidmentAndy Barraclough

In moving from Amazon Elasticsearch Search to Elastic Cloud, the Voxpopme engineering team made good on the promise to boost performance by 1000%.

21 March 2018 User Stories

OmniSOC: High Speed Threat Detection at the Big Ten

By Mike Paquette

Big Ten schools, led by Indiana University, team up to apply the power of the Elastic Stack to protect their students, faculty, and staff from cyber attacks.