17 February 2017 User Stories

The Elastic Journey @ Mixmax

By Cameron Price-Austin

Mixmax is a platform for all your externally-facing communications. Check out their journey from Mongo to Elastic to Elastic Cloud.

02 February 2017 User Stories

Scaling File System Search with Elasticsearch @ Egnyte

By Kalpesh Patel

In this article, Kalpesh shares Egnyte's journey of transforming their search functionality from a home grown distributed search solution to Elasticsearch.

02 December 2016 User Stories

The Trix to Creating a {Total}ly New Customer Experience: Elastic @ General Mills

By Doug Nelson

Elastic{ON} Tour: Chicago was the first Elastic event that General Mills' Doug Nelson had attended. This is his view as an attendee and a speaker

18 November 2016 User Stories

Powering a BI application with Elasticsearch at Yodle

By Mark Drago

The team at Yodle has attended two Elastic{ON} Tours. In 2016, they had the opportunity to present. This is their story from the stage...

11 November 2016 User Stories

Detecting Insider Threats with Elastic @ RedOwl

By Adam Reeve

​Elastic is a fundamental part of our platform at RedOwl, so when they brought the Elastic{ON} Tour to New York, we were happy to share our story.

08 September 2016 User Stories

Elastic Support: An Investment That Keeps Paying Off at Symantec

By Lauren JohnsonHaley Stephenson

Even with 18 years of search experience and a PhD in computer science, this senior Symantec engineer finds value in Elastic’s dedicated support and training.

25 August 2016 User Stories

An Arduino-Based Home Weather Station on the Elastic Stack

By Issac Kelly

I wanted to visualize the weather outside. So I built a way using some hobby hardware, Elasticsearch & Kibana.

16 August 2016 User Stories

Behind the Elastic Stack: Working with USAA

By Greg Nieman

Elastic Support Engineer Greg Nieman shares what it's been like working with USAA for the past two years.

10 August 2016 User Stories

Application Scaling with Elasticsearch @ StockTwits

By Eric Alford

Learn how StockTwits overhauled its message sharing system with Elasticsearch, going from frequent downtime and general slowness to lightning fast requests.