18 May 2017 User Stories

Using Elasticsearch to Manage a Supercomputer’s Hot, Warm, and Cold Architecture

By Samantha Dodge

At NESRC, IT operations counts on Elasticsearch to handle its massive time series log and metric database.

17 May 2017 User Stories

Discovering New Uses For Existing Drugs with SciBite and Elasticsearch

By Phil Verdemato

SciBite uses Elasticsearch to perform semantic searches and find different uses for existing drugs reducing time and resources spent to create new drug patents.

09 May 2017 User Stories

Computation near the visualization layer

By Davide Bortolami

Fermium LABS have developed Mathlion as an extension to Kibana to enable equation parsing & math in Timelion to monitor the behaviour of industrial machinery.

27 April 2017 User Stories

Behavior Correlation using Elasticsearch: Cause Award Honoree NoSchoolViolence.org

By Renuka Hermon

NoSchoolViolence.org uses data to help parents, teachers, and mental health professionals make connections between specific behaviors and potential violence.

25 April 2017 User Stories

Eyes in the Sky: Geohazard Monitoring with Terradue and Elasticsearch

By Emily Mosher

Terradue uses satellite data and the Elastic Stack to keep an eye on threats from geohazards such as earthquakes, volcanoes, and floods.

21 April 2017 User Stories

Fighting Ebola with Elasticsearch: Cause Award Honoree eHealth Africa

By Emily Mosher

When Ebola struck West Africa, eHealth Africa used the Elastic Stack to collect and search outbreak data with speed and flexibility to outpace the lethal virus.

14 April 2017 User Stories

Elasticsearch as an Android Malware Research Platform

By Kenny Ye

The Elastic Stack played a very important role as Trend Micro created a platform for their researchers to hunt malware contained in Android applications.

11 April 2017 User Stories

Software Asset Management with Elasticsearch @ Red Mint Network

By Vianney Bajart

Red Mint Network is using Elasticsearch as an asset management tool to maintain software licence compliance.

10 April 2017 User Stories

The Elasticsearch SIEM Architecture of a Nonprofit: Security at The Nature Conservancy

By Haley Eshagh

Security analytics with the Elastic Stack at a distributed, conservation-based organization on a nonprofit budget.