11 September 2017 User Stories

Using Elastic Graph to Evaluate the imec.IC-link Partner Network

By Petr Dobrovolný

Using the Elastic Stack and X-Pack Imec was able to deliver a unique analysis of their business partner network as a social network.

30 August 2017 User Stories

Get a Break and Search Fast with Snaptrip and Elasticsearch

By Maciej Rakowicz

Snaptrip uses Elastic Cloud to offer its users a platform where they can quickly and easily find properties that match their requirements.

29 August 2017 User Stories

Powering the glomex Marketplace with Elasticsearch

By Michael Muckel

Glomex made Elasticsearch a core component of their technology stack offering a superior search experience to their business customers.

24 July 2017 User Stories

How Wirecard uses the Elastic Stack to monitor transactions & analyze errors

By Jan Krynojewski

Wirecard explains how the Elastic Stack monitors transactions in real time & analyzes errors

18 July 2017 User Stories

Elastic Consulting: An Investment for Success at CBC/Radio-Canada

By Daniel Palay

CBC/Radio-Canada worked with Elastic's consulting services to redesign its online music experience across both French and English content.

12 July 2017 User Stories

How AerData improved OCR search capability using Elasticsearch

By Maxim AlferovNikita Savinov

Aerdata, a Boeing company, shows how they use an OCR search tool powered by Elasticsearch to allow airlines, lessors or MROs to scan, index and centralize all t

16 June 2017 User Stories

Addressing Human Security Issues: Cause Award Honoree IST Research

By Renuka Hermon

IST Research gathers data from hard-to-reach populations and uses the Elastic Stack to help counter issues like human trafficking.

07 June 2017 User Stories

Looking at Content Recommendation Through a Search Lens

By Sonya LibermanBaruch Brutman

Improving content recommendation for millions of requests and increasing complexity for online prediction models with Elasticsearch.

06 June 2017 User Stories

Dimensions of the Ballerina in the Age of Technology

By Sarah Cecilia Griffin

A perspective from a ballerina and choreographer on visualizing ballet in real time using Elasticsearch and Kibana at Elastic{ON} 2017.