21 September 2016 News

50% More Storage, Same Price. Elastic Cloud (Hosted Elasticsearch) Gets Even Better

By Tyler Hannan

50% More Storage, Same Price. And now available in a new region.

15 September 2016 News

Welcome Prelert to the Elastic Team

By Shay BanonSteve Dodson

I am happy to announce that Prelert and Elastic are joining forces to combine the power of search with unsupervised machine learning.

12 September 2016 News

Announcing Annual Discounts for Elastic Cloud Standard

By Tyler Hannan

Starting last week, annual subscriptions of Cloud Standard enjoy a 15% discount on the total cost.

07 April 2016 News

Explore the Elastic Stack 5.0 with the Elastic Pioneer Program

By Michelle Carroll

Calling all pioneers! Try the 5.0.0 alpha 1 of the Elastic Stack and open issues to help make it better.

05 April 2016 News

Elastic Stack Release - 5.0.0 alpha 1

By Shay Banon

At Elastic{ON}16 we announced the Elastic Stack. Dive into details about the Elastic Stack 5.0.0 alpha 1 release.

21 March 2016 News

Why Elastic Cloud is the Best Choice for Your Hosted Elasticsearch Needs

By Jason Dickson

Learn why Elastic Cloud — the official hosted Elasticsearch service — is the best choice for your company, organization, or project. Plus, infrastructure info.

17 February 2016 News

Introducing Elastic Cloud and Elastic Cloud Enterprise

By Shay Banon

Elastic Cloud and Elastic Cloud Enterprise. One product that allows you to choose your own deployment adventure.

17 February 2016 News

Heya, Elastic Stack and X-Pack

By Shay Banon

At Elastic{ON}16 we announced new features and functionality that will make the lives of our users (like you) easier. Read on.

06 January 2016 News

Hosted Elasticsearch: Monitoring Now Available on Found

By Cecilie MyhreMorten Ingebrigtsen

The Elastic monitoring plugin, Marvel, is now available on Found, our hosted Elasticsearch product.