25 October 2018 News

Say Heya to the Elastic Search Awards

By Daniel PalayBritt Terry

22 October 2018 News

Elastic Site Search as a Google Search Appliance (GSA) Replacement

By Jason Wu

GSA is going away in 2019, but we've got you covered. Find out how easy it is to migrate your site crawling search solution to Elastic Site Search.

05 October 2018 News

Ze Bell Has Rung: Thank You Users, Customers, and Partners

By Shay Banon

We are now a public company! Thank you to our users, customers, and partners for making it possible.

01 August 2018 News

Elasticsearch Service on Elastic Cloud: New Pricing With Reduced Costs

By Anurag Gupta

We’ve introduced new pricing for Elasticsearch Service on Elastic Cloud that gives our users more transparency and options when pricing their use case.

25 July 2018 News

Welcome Insight.io to the Elastic Team

By Shay BanonChongzhe Li

24 July 2018 News

Elastic{ON} Tour 2018: We're Taking the Elasticsearch User Conference on the Road

By Shay Banon

Instead of hosting a single user conference each year, we're bringing Elastic{ON} directly to our users in 30+ cities around the world for 2018 and beyond.

05 July 2018 News

Elasticsearch Service on Elastic Cloud Available on G-Cloud Digital Marketplace

By Janica Lee

Elasticsearch Service (formerly Elastic Cloud) is now available on the UK Government’s G-Cloud 10 Framework.

18 June 2018 News

Upgrading Your Hosted Cluster With Our Elasticsearch Service

By Yoav Derazon

Working on old versions of the Elastic Stack on AWS ES? Learn how easy it is to upgrade your clusters using our hosted Elasticsearch Service.

17 May 2018 News

And the Winner of the Elastic{ON} 2018 Training Subscription Drawing is...

By Dominic Page

25 April 2018 News

The Opening of X-Pack: Phase 1 Complete

By Steve Kearns

We have taken the first big step to double down on open - the source code of X-Pack has been pushed to our public repositories under the Elastic License.

24 April 2018 News

What's Coming with Machine Learning, Logging, and More on Hosted Elasticsearch

By Daniel Cecil

Need flexible hosted Elasticsearch configuration? Elastic Cloud gives users greater control over their cluster with configurable deployment templates.

17 April 2018 News

Getting Started with APM for the Elastic Stack - A Recap

By Lauren Johnson

Leverage new Elastic Stack application performance monitoring tools to quickly debug your applications by digging into response times, requests, and errors.