18 June 2018 News

Upgrading Your Hosted Cluster With Our Elasticsearch Service

By Yoav Derazon

Working on old versions of the Elastic Stack on AWS ES? Learn how easy it is to upgrade your clusters using our hosted Elasticsearch Service.

17 May 2018 News

And the Winner of the Elastic{ON} 2018 Training Subscription Drawing is...

By Dominic Page

Visitors to the Elastic{ON} 2018 Training booth had a chance to win a free Annual Online Training Subscription. See how we used Elasticsearch to pick a winner.

25 April 2018 News

The Opening of X-Pack: Phase 1 Complete

By Steve Kearns

We have taken the first big step to double down on open - the source code of X-Pack has been pushed to our public repositories under the Elastic License.

17 April 2018 News

Getting Started with APM for the Elastic Stack - A Recap

By Lauren Johnson

Leverage new Elastic Stack application performance monitoring tools to quickly debug your applications by digging into response times, requests, and errors.

16 April 2018 News

Recap: Elasticsearch Machine Learning Forecasting on Time Series Data

By Haley Eshagh

From a single metric job creation to scheduled events and forecasting — a look at the latest with Elastic machine learning features.

11 April 2018 News

Using Kibana and Beats for Security Analytics

By Daniel Cecil

Anonymous attacks getting you down? Learn how the Elastic Stack can help visualize your event data to find anomalies in your architecture.

05 April 2018 News

Swiftype App Search: Using its Intuitive Interface to Implement Elasticsearch

By Tony Sleva

Swiftype App Search makes it even easier to implement powerful Elasticsearch solutions within your custom applications.

30 March 2018 News

A Preview of SQL in Canvas with Rashid, Creator of Kibana

By Renuka Gough

Rashid Khan gives us a preview of Canvas at Elastic{ON} 2018 - helping users create pixel-perfect, infographic-inspired visualizations.

29 March 2018 News

Data Rollups in Elasticsearch: You Know, for Saving Space

By Tony Sleva

Elasticsearch has always been great for zooming in, but with data rollups on the roadmap, it’s going to be great at zooming out too.