27 April 2017 News

Announcing Support for Elastic Cloud Standard, Our Hosted Elasticsearch Offering

By Tyler Fontaine

Our hosted Elasticsearch and Kibana offering is moving from forum-based support to ticket-based support backed by Elastic engineers.

18 April 2017 News

Hosted Elasticsearch Services Roundup: Elastic Cloud and Amazon Elasticsearch Service

By Haley EshaghTyler Hannan

What's the difference between Elastic Cloud, Amazon's Elasticsearch Service, and vanilla Elasticsearch on AWS? Let us explain.

30 March 2017 News

Get Hosted Elasticsearch on Your AWS bill with Elastic Cloud

By Uri Cohen

The Hosted Elasticsearch AWS Marketplace listing for Elastic Cloud provides an integrated billing model where you can purchase the official hosted Elasticsearch

15 February 2017 News

Insider's Guide to Elastic{ON} 2017

By Lauren Johnson

259,200 seconds. 60,000 breaths. 350,000 heartbeats, give or take a few thousand. How to make every moment worth it at Elastic{ON} 2017.

24 January 2017 News

15 New Sessions Added to Elastic{ON}17

By Amy White

From security analytics to Docker, check out some of the latest sessions just added to the agenda for Elastic{ON}17.

06 December 2016 News

First Wave of Elastic{ON}17 Sessions Revealed

By Amy White

Today, we’re pleased to unveil the initial agenda for Elastic{ON}17. Here are just a few talks we are particularly jazzed about.

15 November 2016 News

Level-Up Your Logging!

By Nathan ZamecnikThom O'Connor

Release of our first on-demand training course, Elastic Stack: Logging, based on Elastic Stack 5.0.