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Learn more about what makes us who we are and meet Elasticians along the way.

Someone Like Me: Eleni Syrmou on why working at Elastic means Greek ocean views and a focus on family

The idea of Home, Dinner is to empower Elasticians with the flexibility they need to find a balance of work and personal lives. For Eleni, that’s walking to the beach every morning and being able to have lunch with her family.

Onboarding at Elastic: What to Expect

As a distributed company, we’re experts in remote onboarding. Learn how we onboard new hires at Elastic, and dive into X-School, our new hire orientation experience.

The Ultimate Guide To: Your first job after graduation

You’re not alone if you find post-graduate life to be overwhelming. You’re starting an entirely new phase and there’s no playbook for how to get it ‘right’. But don’t be intimidated by interviews and the relative unknown — we're here to help.


ERGs encourage you to come as you are: Meet the Rainbow Stack

June kicks off Pride season, which started in the U.S and is now celebrated worldwide. It’s an important time for our Rainbow Stack ERG, which welcomes everyone who identifies as LGBTQIA+ and their allies.


Someone Like Me: Corey Williams explains what Come As You Are means to her

We encourage people to come as they are. It’s written into our values, what we call our Source Code, which defines our entire culture. As you are made it easy for Corey Williams, Workplace Experience Lead, to seamlessly transition to Elastic.


Someone Like Me: How Raya Fratkina handles her children’s mental health

As we discuss mental health more, it’s important to remember that adults aren’t the only ones impacted. Raya Fratkina shares her tips for parents whose children are struggling with mental health issues.


Someone Like Me: Cami Lewis on being a “work at home mom”

Cami Lewis, Global Security Lead - Community at Elastic, knows a thing or two about having to be flexible and innovative about how you work. She describes herself as a WAHM (Work at Home Mom) and has two boys—8 and 2 years old. Read her story.


Make time for your mental health this May, here’s how

As the pandemic continues to evolve, mental health is very much in the spotlight. To support our Elasticians, we offer a variety of benefits related to mental health.


Leadership @ Elastic | Carolyn Herzog on why company culture matters

In our Leadership @ Elastic blog series, we hear from our Chief Legal Officer, Carolyn Herzog, on the importance of an inclusive culture and diversity of thought and how Elastic brings it to life every day


Elasticians honored for outstanding achievement in cloud-partner marketing

Q&A with Adrienne Cohen and Isabelle Li, who were just named to 2022 CRN Women of the Channel list.


What your co-workers with autistic children want you to know

Supporting our Elasticians that have children with special needs starts with understanding, empathy, and support. Here are a few things to know in order to better understand and support your co-workers who are raising an autistic child.


Shut It Down days help Elasticians regroup, recharge

Shut It Down days are extra paid days off where Elasticians can take the time and space they need to do…whatever they need to do, without the burden of coming back to an overflowing inbox.