Brewing in Beats: Graphite module in Metricbeat

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Graphite module in Metricbeat

The graphite protocol is a very popular protocol for sending metrics data. While Logstash already has a graphite input, adding it to Metricbeat opens up use cases where an application sends its metrics over UDP to localhost, and Metricbeat ships them securely over the network to Elasticsearch / Logstash.

- module: graphite
  metricsets: ["server"]
  enabled: true
  protocol: "udp"
    - filter: "test.*.bash.*" # This would match metrics like test.localhost.bash.stats
      namespace: "test"
      template: "*" # test.localhost.bash.stats would become metric=stats and tags host=localhost,shell=bash
      delimiter: "_"

The configuration file allows patterns matching the graphite syntax and transforms the dotted notation in key-value pairs that fit the Elasticsearch data model. Here is an example:

This module was created by the regular Beats contributor, Vijay Samuel. It’s currently planned for release in 6.1.

Metricbeat support for Docker on Windows

Docker for Windows uses URLs like npipe://./pipe/docker_engine. This change makes sure they are supported by our host validators, which was the only missing piece for the Docker module in Metricbeat to support Docker for Windows.

This change will be included in 6.0.0-GA.

Other changes

Repository: elastic/beats

Affecting all Beats

Changes in master:

  • Add more info for each option under setup.template.settings #4792
  • Add setup.template.settings in the reference.yml files #4791
  • Pipeline cleanups #4776
  • Fixing pod name indexer to use both namespace, pod name to frame index key #4775
  • Adding support to exclude labels from kubernetes pod metadata #4757

Changes in master:

  • Update test to use named field in composite literal #4786

    Changes in master:

    • Fix mixed up modules configuration #4772

    Changes in 5.6:

    • Fix mixed up modules configuration #4772

    Changes in master:

    • Remove generated beat.yml #4767

    Changes in master:


    Changes in master:

    • Clean up exported fields titles #4768
    • Close changelog beta1 (master) #4754
    • Remove settings from docs #4753

    Changes in 5.5:

    • Fix typo of "multiple" in outputconfig.asciidoc #4779

    Changes in 6.0:

    • Backport to 6.0.0: Restructure beats config options (#4716) #4759
    • Close changelog beta1 #4752