Brewing in Beats: Enable ML jobs from modules

Did you know that Beats 6.2 is already available? Try it and let us know what you think. If you are curious to see the Beats in action, check out the Getting Started with Beats webinar.

Operational Monitoring

Jolokia/JMX metricset supports wildcards 

Jolokia/JMX metricset supports wildcards now. This allows collecting metrics from multiple mbeans with a similar name pattern without having to explicitly set them in the configuration. Metrics from different mbeans are sent to Elastic in different events. We have also added an event parameter to fields mapping configuration that can be used to decide how metrics are grouped in events. Metrics with the same event parameter will be sent in the same event, while metrics with different event parameters will be sent in different events. These changes will be available in 6.3.

Beats core & Logging

Enable ML jobs using Kibana API

 So far ML jobs have been set up by Filebeat using the Elasticsearch X-Pack API. This does require Filebeat Modules to provide the Job definitions in JSON format. With this change, Filebeat will not install ML Job definitions anymore but enable modules by Name. By this change, out of the box ML Jobs will be provided by Machine Learning.


The Infra UI gives our customers a one-stop-shop for troubleshooting their infrastructure. Monica demoed the first prototype of the Infra UI during the keynote at Elasticon. Check this blog post  for more details. 


Repository: elastic/beats

Changes in master:

  • Fix descriptions of include_line and exclude_line #6654
  • Change title for SEO #6652
  • Indicate that Beats monitoring requires ES 6.2 or later #6651
  • Modify title to indicate that ingest node is used for more than logs #6650
  • Fix build error related to input refactoring #6647
  • Update hosts example #6614
  • Refactor input docs #6537

Changes in 6.2:

  • Bump docs version for 6.2.3 #6599

Changes in 6.1:

  • Bump docs version for 6.1.4 #6600

Changes in 6.x:

  • Fix build error related to input refactoring (#6647) #6648

Other changes

Repository: elastic/beats


Changes in master:

  • Fix timings in `kubernetes` module cache cleaning #6564
  • Metricbeat: Support wildcards in jolokia (#6453) #6462
  • Metricbeat: Support multiple apache status page versions #6450

Changes in master:

  • http: support broken status line #6631

Changes in master:

  • Load ML using Kibana API #6604

Changes in master:

  • Fix types in host.os fields #6598

Changes in master:

  • Fix uwsgi kibana 5 visualizations #6645

Changes in master:

  • Fix license for go-digest #6622

Changes in 6.x:

  • Revert "Revert "move compile time version information (#6050)" (#6087)" #6630
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