Product release

Beats 1.2.2 Released

We’re happy to announce that the 1.2.2 bug fix release is now available for all the Elastic Beats: Filebeat, Packetbeat, Topbeat and Winlogbeat. You can download the new versions from the usual place.

Bug fixes affecting all Beats

  • Fix race when multiple outputs access the same event with Logstash output manipulating event. #1410
  • Fix go-daemon (supervisor used in init scripts) hanging when executed over SSH. This was causing problems when running the init script via some of the deployment tools, notably Salt. #1394

Bug fixes affecting Filebeat

  • Improvements in registrar dealing with file rotation. #1281

Many thanks to our dear community members who tested the Beats, reported and helped with the troubleshooting of the above issues. If you find any issues with the new release or there are features that you miss, please interact with us on Discuss or GitHub.