Articles By Daniel Cecil

30 October 2018 User Stories

Using the Elastic Stack to Monitor CitiGroup’s Centralized Database

By Daniel Cecil

Learn how the Elastic Stack is used by the CitiGroup IT team for advanced search analytics to monitor their centralized database.

02 October 2018 User Stories

Elasticsearch and RightMove: Mapping Out Your New Home With Search

By Daniel Cecil

RightMove the UK’s largest property website. See how RightMove uses the Elastic Stack to improve customer experience using geo capabilities.

10 September 2018 Engineering

How We Handle Pull Requests at Elastic

By Daniel Cecil

Want to submit your first pull request (PR) to Elastic? In this post, we outline how we use pull requests, how to submit, and the process when we receive one.

29 August 2018 User Stories

OTTO Motors: Using the Elastic Stack to Expand the IoT Landscape

By Daniel Cecil

OTTO Motors designs, manufactures, and operates self-driving vehicles used for industry. Learn how they use the Elastic Stack to run and monitor their fleet.

03 May 2018 User Stories

NetApp: Finding Intelligent Operation with Embedded Elasticsearch

By Daniel Cecil

NetApp has embedded Elasticsearch into OnCommand Insight. Learn how they did it, the lessons learned, and how their customers benefit from the Elastic Stack.

24 April 2018 News

What's Coming with Machine Learning, Logging, and More on Hosted Elasticsearch

By Daniel Cecil

Need flexible hosted Elasticsearch configuration? Elastic Cloud gives users greater control over their cluster with configurable deployment templates.

11 April 2018 News

Using Kibana and Beats for Security Analytics

By Daniel Cecil

Anonymous attacks getting you down? Learn how the Elastic Stack can help visualize your event data to find anomalies in your architecture.

21 March 2018 News

Make Operational Data Simple with the Elastic Stack

By Daniel Cecil

Need a unified monitoring and analytics solution? The Elastic Stack now has more to offer with APM and machine learning. Watch the demo.

22 December 2017 Culture

Solving the Small but Important Issues with Fix-It Fridays

By Daniel Cecil

Not all engineering issues are big ones. So how do you handle the small requests? With Fix-It Friday, of course.