floragunn GmbH, Amazon, and Elastic Issue Joint Statement Regarding Settlement of Search Guard Litigation

8 September 2022

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Jennifer Malleo

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., SEATTLE, Wash. & BERLIN - 8 September 2022 -

Elasticsearch, Inc., elasticsearch B.V., floragunn GmbH,, Inc., and Amazon Web Services, Inc. issue the following joint statement:

floragunn acknowledges that Search Guard used Elastic's source code in violation of Elastic's copyrights. Before it learned of Elastic's allegations, Amazon had included Search Guard, including certain of the accused code, in its Elasticsearch-based products and services. After it learned of Elastic's lawsuit, Amazon removed the accused code from all current versions of its products and services. Elastic and floragunn agree that the settlement finally resolves any claim by Elastic regarding customers' or third parties' use of products or services containing the infringing code.