Elasticsearch Developer I

Course Summary

This instructor-led course is designed for software developers and engineers who want to build search and analytics applications using Elasticsearch. Beginning with an introduction to Elasticsearch and the Search API, you will explore the internals of Elasticsearch from a developer’s perspective, gaining insight into queries, analyzers, and mappings. Through an extensive series of hands-on labs, you will learn to write multiple different types of search queries, create custom text analyzers, perform aggregations, implement suggesters, and much more on your way to becoming an Elasticsearch developer.

  • Introduction to Elasticsearch
  • The Search API
  • Text Analysis
  • Mappings
  • Search Features
  • The Distributed Model
  • Working with Search Results
  • Suggesters
  • Aggregations

Course Details

Note: The Elasticsearch Developer I curriculum will soon be transitioned to Elasticsearch Engineer I. This transition will not impact anyone who is already enrolled in Developer I. To learn more about this update, as well as about the new Elastic Certified Engineer exam, please see our Certification FAQ or contact us directly.

Software developers, software engineers

In-Classroom - 2 Days | 8 hours per day
Virtual Classroom - 4 Days | 4 hours per day

In-Classroom Schedule
Virtual Classroom Schedule

  • No prior knowledge of the Elastic Stack required
  • Comfort using the terminal or command line recommended
  • Familiarity with programming concepts
  • Laptop with Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Mac, Linux, or Windows
  • Modern web browser
  • 64-bit JDK installed
    • Oracle JDK 1.8.0_60 or later
    • OpenJDK 1.8.0_111 or later
  • At least 20% free disk space
  • Stable internet connection
  • Mac, Linux, or Windows
  • Latest version of Chrome or Firefox (Safari is not 100% supported)
  • Due to virtual classroom JavaScript requirements, we recommend that you disable any ad-blockers and restart your browser before class.

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It was awesome. Both instructors are great speakers. They have a wide and deep knowledge about the topic, and they know how to pass it on. They are infecting with their enthusiasm.

Mariusz Kuskowski | Allegro Group