Elasticsearch Developer II (Virtual Classroom)

Course Summary

This hands-on, instructor-led virtual classroom course is designed for software developers and engineers who are familiar with Elasticsearch development and need to expand their skills for building effective search and analytics applications on Elasticsearch. Students will learn how to perform scripting using Painless, define and deploy ingest pipelines, handle relationships, model documents effectively, control relevance scoring, work with geolocation data, design entity-centric indices for better search performance, understand where Elasticsearch fits into polyglot architectures, and learn advanced search techniques like pipeline aggregations, cross cluster search, field collapsing, and how to use the percolate query. Upon finishing this course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Course Details

The goal of this course is to cover the more advanced capabilities and features of Elasticsearch beyond our Elasticsearch Developer I training. This course starts with a discussion on the Painless scripting language and its various use cases, followed by how to pre-process documents during indexing using ingest pipelines. The course then shifts into a data modeling focus, with discussions on handling relationships like nested arrays of objects and parent/child, as well as best practices for modeling fields and documents. You will also learn how to index, query and aggregate documents that contain geolocation data, how to perform advanced search features like cross cluster search, pipeline aggregations and field collapsing, and how to model your data from an entity-centric approach to improve the performance and usability for your indices. This course also contains a series of extensive hands-on labs to help reinforce the topics and skills presented during the lectures.

This course is designed for experienced Elasticsearch Developers who need to expand their knowledge of Elasticsearch.

4 Days | Class is scheduled for 4 consecutive days for 4 hours.
Available in different time zones.

  • We require participants to download the latest version of Chrome or Firefox. (Safari isn’t 100% supported in the virtual environment).
  • The virtual classroom uses lots of JavaScript. We recommend that you disable any ad-blockers (some interfere with the virtual classroom) and that you restart your Web Browser before logging in.
  • Computer with a stable Internet connection
  • Mac, Linux OS, or Windows 7 or later

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It was awesome. Both instructors are great speakers. They have a wide and deep knowledge about the topic, and they know how to pass it on. They are infecting with their enthusiasm.

Mariusz Kuskowski | Allegro Group