Elastic Maps Service

Map Your Data With the Elastic Stack

The Elastic Maps Service provides an essential data layer for Kibana mapping functionality by serving basemap tiles, shapefiles, and other key resources for geospatial visualizations in the Elastic Stack. The Elastic Maps Service backs Kibana map visualizations and is available to all open source users at no cost. Adding X-Pack with a Basic license to your deployment extends the open source functionality, adding, for instance, more basemap zoom levels.

New A new data layer update for the Elastic Maps Service lets you see more countries in Kibana region maps.

For Kibana Users Only

The Elastic Maps Service was created and is maintained by Elastic as a convenience and for the exclusive purpose of providing mapping functionality within components of the Elastic Stack, such as its open source data visualization platform Kibana. Any third-party modified version of Kibana (via plugin or fork), a re-distribution, or a SaaS/hosted service that is not part of Elastic cannot use the Elastic Maps Service. If you are a user of a third party service or a developer extending the Elastic Stack, please read our terms of service in detail to make sure you are not in violation. Similarly, if you are looking for a free basemap service to back another application, the Elastic Maps Service is not for you.


Backed By Open Source, Public Data

We produce basemap tiles based on OpenStreetMap data, which is licensed under the Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL). It also uses derived coastline data provided by OpenSteetMapData.com, and the Apache 2.0 licensed Kartotherian. In addition to hosted tiles, we also provide out of the box geoJSON files derived from Natural Earth Data vectors.


We've Got Your Back

Our team of engineers constantly monitors the availability and health of the service as well as the quality of the maps we provide. If you experience an issue with the service, please report it by filing an issue in the Kibana GitHub repo.

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