17 January 2018 Engineering

Should I use Logstash or Elasticsearch ingest nodes?

By Christian Dahlqvist

Unsure about when to use Logstash or Elasticsearch ingest node? This blog post guides you through the things to consider when making that decision.

16 January 2018 Engineering

Performance Impact of Meltdown on Elasticsearch

By Elastic Engineering

What's the impact of the kernel patches for the Meltdown vulnerability on Elasticsearch?

12 January 2018 Engineering

Document-Level Attribute-Based Access Control with X-Pack 6.1

By Mike Barretta

Thanks to a new feature in Elasticsearch 6.1, attribute-based access control is among the X-Pack security features. Learn about what it is and why you need it!

10 January 2018 Engineering

On-demand forecasting with machine learning in Elasticsearch

By Hendrik MuhsThomas Grabowski

The newest X-Pack feature in 6.1 is on-demand forecasting. Machine learning can model the data and predict multiple time intervals into the future.

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09 January 2018 Engineering

My 3 Favorite Features in Kibana 6

By Alona Nadler

Kibana 6.1 release has a huge number of great new capabilities. As a new product manager for Kibana, these are my favorite features in 6.1

26 December 2017 Engineering

The Elastic Advent Calendar 2017, Week 4

By Aaron AldrichMichelle Carroll

25 topics in 25 days, we hope you have enjoyed the Elastic Advent series! Catch a summary of all the posts here.

22 December 2017 Engineering

Elastic Advent Calendar 2017, Week 3

By Mark Walkom

Catch up with week 3 in our series.

20 December 2017 Engineering

Kibana's Road to 6.0 and the Removal of Mapping Types

By Tyler Smalley

There’s a method in the madness. Hear how the Kibana team transitioned to a single Elasticsearch mapping type and how you can too.